Bottles and applicators

Bellows bottles

  • Available in two capacities: 3 gr or 9 gr
  • Injection molded cannula ensures no burrs, flashes or sharp edges to enable safe dispensing.
  • Tamper-evident cannula cap eliminates need for a secondary pouch
  • Customization via colors, labels or inkjet printing


  • Available in two shapes (round and oval)
  • Capacities: 3ml, 5ml, 8ml,10ml
  • 4 silicon applicators (smooth, nodules, bristles, ridged) and 1 taper-tip applicator to accommodate various product characteristics and surfaces to be treated
  • Customization options include colors, label and silk-screen printing


  • Lameplast offers a wide range of plastic packaging for rectal use:
  • Enema for rectal products are available in 75 ml or 120 ml with cannula and cap. Bottles for rectal use can be customized with embossing and colors cap available
  • CE marked applicator for rectal use with cannula and cap.


  • Standard packaging is available for vaginal use (applicator and bottle for vaginal douche)
  • ce marked applicator for vaginal use
  • 150 ml bottle for vaginal wash with pre-inserted cannula

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