Single-dose packaging

The Lameplast system features pre-made unit dose vials is a blow fill and seal alternative that provide a higher level of precision, functionality and quality control compared to Blow fill and seal technology.


  • Available in different shapes and capacities, sized from 0,3 ml to 10 ml
  • Ideal for preservative-free liquids
  • Single-dose containers can accommodate liquids, gels or creams
  • Easy to open, apply and reclose
  • Ergonomically shaped to facilitate handling
  • Maximum dose precision; no wasted product
  • Injection molding creates a smooth orifice with no burrs, flashes or sharp edges, enabling safe dispensing near delicate areas, such as eyes or mucous membranes
  • Product data can be ink-jet printed on each vial, text embossing and labeling is also available
  • For cosmetics, the vials are available in colors and can be decorated by pad printing
  • Production takes place in a Class ISO 7-8–certified cleanroom
  • Sterilization with gamma or beta rays, as well as EtO



Pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical device, veterinary and cosmetic

applications, with an emphasis on ophthalmic (single-dose packaging for eye drops), vaccine and inhalation solution.

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