Single-dose packaging

The Lameplast system features pre-made unit dose vials is a blow fill and seal alternative that provide a higher level of precision, functionality and quality control compared to Blow fill and seal technology.

Main features


Available in different shapes and capacities, sized from 0,3 ml to 10 ml

Ideal for preservative-free liquids

Single-dose containers can accommodate liquids, gels or creams

Easy to open, apply and reclose

Ergonomically shaped to facilitate handling

Maximum dose precision; no wasted product

Injection molding creates a smooth orifice with no burrs, flashes or sharp edges, enabling safe dispensing near delicate areas, such as eyes or mucous membranes

Product data can be ink-jet printed on each vial, text embossing and labeling is also available

For cosmetics, the vials are available in colors and can be decorated by pad printing

Production takes place in a Class ISO 7-8–certified cleanroom

Sterilization with gamma or beta rays, as well as EtO

Main application

Pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical device, veterinary and cosmetic applications, with an emphasis on ophthalmic (single-dose packaging for eye drops), vaccine and inhalation solution.


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    News from the Lameplast world

    Lameplast at Pharmapack virtual event

    Lameplast participates in Pharmapack online 2021 from 27 September to 22 October 2021. Lameplast is present virtually on the Pharmapack platform to introduce its range of primary packaging and Pentafill® machines. Join this virtual show, more info here

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    Lameplast at Achema Pulse

    Lameplast is attending Achema Pulse, the new digital event of Achema from 31 May to 30 June.   Lameplast will be presenting its complete range of single and multidose plastic containers and its semi-automatic and fully automatic Pentafill™ fill/seal machines.   More info here !

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    Bottles, droppers and caps

    The bottles in the Lameplast catalogue have capacities from 5 to 30 ml. And are fitted with dropper of 0,03-0,04-0,05 and with tamper-evident or child-resistant cap. Other containers are also available for specific uses, such as the 10 ml bottle compatible with Aptar’s OSD device…

    Bottles and applicators

    Standard Lameplast packaging is available with different applicators for rectal, vaginal and topical use. The proposals include: bottles with pre-inserted or separately packaged cannulas, bottles for rectal use with cannulas, micro-enemas, applicators for vaginal cream and tubes with applicators.

    Technology for single-dose containers

    Lameplast is able to offer an increasingly comprehensive service, supplying its customers directly with filling and sealing machines for single-dose containers. The series of Pentafill machines guarantees total flexibility to meet a wide range of needs.