Corporate sustainability

Lameplast has always strived to innovate and improve its products in terms of quality, environmental and social impact. The conduct within its corporation is inspired by a Code of Ethics that is shared by all those who deal with Lameplast.

>Download the Code of Ethics by Lameplast


The appreciation of human resources

Lameplast recognises the crucial importance of human resources, and believes firmly that the success factor of any enterprise lies chiefly in the professional contribution of the people who work there, in a climate of mutual loyal and confidence. The appreciation of human resources, their autonomy and their participation in corporate decision-making, are all fundamental principles for Lameplast. For this reason, the company is committed to providing refresher courses and training programmes, exploiting the specific professional skills of each person, cherishing and improving the skills acquired during their collaboration with the company.

Health and safety

Lameplast safeguards the health and safety of its workers in the workplace, both by implementing management systems that are constantly being improved and developed, and by promoting a culture for health and safety based on prevention and the need to efficiently deal with all job-related risks.

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