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The push&pull approach of Lameplast is based on the study of the market needs, aiming at product innovation and constantly creating new concepts.


Lameplast has developed a new, patented concept of primary container that makes it possible to exploit large areas on the cap, which does not come into contact with the container and is thus far from the product contained. In this case it is possible to apply labels, offering easy-to-read information without compromising on the practicality and ease of use of the single-dose distribution system. This meets the new legislation that requires detailed information on each single container, in addition to the information commonly provided on the outer packaging and/or on the information leaflet inserted inside the package. The large-area closure system is an innovative solution that allows greater safety of the product that can be identified at all times. If made in a strip, it can be easily filled and sealed using Pentafill technology. The shape of the container made in a single unit allows the product to remain sterile until opened.

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The single-dose vial with applicator and high customisable flap will be available in different variants and is designed specifically for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, cosmetic and veterinary products. Depending on the specific use requirements and type of product, the customer may contact the Product Development department for a tailor-made product design. If made in a strip, it can be easily filled and sealed using Pentafill technology. The shape of the container made in a single unit allows the product to remain sterile until opened.

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The single-dose container with child resistant and tamper evident cap consists of only two components to minimise production costs and simplify assembly. It is easy and intuitive to use: once the single vial has been separated from the strip, by pushing the cap vertically and turning it round once, the internal membrane of the single-dose container is perforated, allowing the product to be used. The closure has been specially designed to prevent children from opening the product. The cap can be applied to various formats of the single-dose container and the strip can be easily filled and sealed using Pentafill technology.

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The single-dose container with roll-on applicator is made up of only two components, the body of the single-dose container itself and the roller ball, making assembly easy and cost-effective. It can be made with a reclosable lid, allowing single or multi-use applications of various products. If made in a strip, it can be easily filled and sealed using Pentafill technology. The shape of the container made in a single unit allows the product to remain sterile until it is first opened.

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Different shapes and colours. Lameplast offers the possibility to customise containers with the use of safe dyes that comply with the 9th edition of the European Pharmacopoeia. Thanks to a range of six base colours, which are added to the plastic resins during the moulding phase of the containers, it will be possible to recognise products easily, without the risk of errors. The range of colours available will be extended over time. An advantage for patients and for anyone having to deal with a large number of drugs on a daily basis.

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    Drawing from the experience of its Research & Development division, Lameplast studies specific packaging solutions that are perfectly suited to the product to meet all needs. It is possible to choose customised colours, logs and decorations using pad printing or labels, using the most suitable types of plastic.


    Thanks to its long experience, Lameplast is able to propose a wide range of standard packaging: strips of single/multi-dose containers in various formats and plastic materials, small bottles complete with caps and droppers, bottles and applicators for rectal, vaginal and urethral use.


    Lameplast is able to offer an increasingly comprehensive service, supplying its customers directly with filling and sealing machines for single-dose containers.

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